Club Rules and Reglations:


§ 1


The membership with our Club is voluntary and free of charge.

Should the majority of our members wish some additional services for our sites, all members of the Club will have to share these provider-expenses.



§ 1.1

Active membership

An active clubmember must have at least one current game going.

The Club lives of the activities of its members. It can be displayed in many current games, as well as an active participation in the forum.




§ 1. 2

Passive membership

An active clubmember must have at least one current game going.

Members, who over 3 months had no currrent game going, will be listed without notice as passive. Exception, the member announced prior a time out and informed the club of the estimated time of his re-activation.




§ 2

Upkeep of polite terms

Mainly, the members of this Club like to enjoy the game.

Personal insults in the forum will not be tolerated, and will be without advance notice eliminated by the Webmaster.

The so-called: "sabre-rattling" (battle-cry) before a challenge is excepted, as long it is within the proper form.




§ 3

Games against members of another BG-Club

 are  allowed and, on request, can be counted here.




§ 4

Double-membership with another Club

is allowed, but please note a well balanced distribution of games.




§ 5

During the games:


§ 5.1 - Data manipulation:

Should a club member be found guilty, to have manipulated data of a game to the disadvantage of his opponent, he will loose his rank and all accumulated points.

After a second attempt he will be expelled from the Club.




§ 5. 2 - Game-length:

To keep the length of a game within a certain time frame, the agreed weekly moves between players should be kept. Everyone has to manage their own time.

Too many open games decrease the quality of a game, because before each battle everyone has to re-think and re-group the game.




§ 5.3.1 Politeness is not only a virtue:

If no other agreement has been made, at least one complete move has to be accomplished weekly.

We are asking all members to stick to this rule of politeness, since our opponents also have to manage their time.




§ 5.3.2 Interruption of a game:

Should a player, for whatever reason, be prevented from playing, he has to notify his opponent as soon as possible, but not later then one week.




§5. 4 Breaking off a game:

A player, whose opponent disregarded rule §5.3.2 , has the right earliest after 1 month *) to brake off the game and claim a great victory, regardless of the score at time of break off.

We like to protect the mental health and patience of a player whose opponent does not stick to rules of courtesy.

Of course there are cases of illness or vacation to interrupt a game, but one can always send a message and inform of the estimated length of the interruption.




§ 5. 4. 1 Breaking off a game by common consent:

Should one player have the opinion that the interruption of the game takes too long, both players have the possibility to have the current score evaluated after at least one quarter of the game. By agreement it is also possible to have the game annuled.

In case the players can not reach an agreement, a court of arbitration can assist to reach a settlement, or make a final decision. Both opponents have to accept this decision.




§ 5. 5 Retreat of a player:

Should a player see no purpose anymore to February 26, 2008> opponent will score a great victory.



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