NIA by Andy Barnes


You Must Download the Peninsular Campaign (NIP) First!!

Then for each MOD after:

Delete all .pdt, .scn, .oob, .map files.

Download each MOD files into their respective folders.

Note: Each MODS must have its own folder and copy of NIP. So a copy of each for NIA Ultimate Waterloo, NIA Leipzig etc....

Unzip the MOD files at each location. There will be three groupings to download in each MOD. The Main, Info, and Map each of these go into the respective folders.

Files that are splits (labeled on this site with a *) need to be joined. These are primarily unit.bmp files and icons.bmp files.

Use this file splitter here to join them. You must delete the current file and then select the first file in the segment to join them all.

When all done you should be all set.


NIP: Peninsular Campaign

Main files:



NIA: Jena and Auerstedt

Main files:



NIA: Eylau

Main files:



NIA: The Eagle Has Landed (Napoleon in England)

Note: NIA Eagle is all in one zip that is over 28 megabytes big. It has not been file splitted but all major files are included. You may need a patched version of Eckmuhl for it. We are not sure. If you have troubles please We do not know exactly how this download will go. (Game Files) (Engine Files)

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