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1. Officers killed or captured must be submitted in the month that the capture or kill occurred.

2. Officers may submit as many kills or captures as they want and the best submission will be used.

3. Winners will be judged by the point value of the officer submitted.

4. The winning officer will receive 3 pts and the marksman medal

5. The decision of the 1stNWCG stats team is final


Marksman Hall of Fame



Officer Killed / Captured 

  VP Points  


Jun 2005   Steve Kitchen   Captured - Archduke Charles   88  VP   Campaign Eckmuhl 
Jul 2005   Garret Fitzgerald   Captured - General Gneisenau    88 VP   PTW - Battle of Ligny
Aug 2005   Michael Hödl   König Wilhelm III (c)    72 VP   Battle of Jena
Sept 20055  

Garret Fitzgerald

  Liechtenstien/General (c)    54 VP   Davout Cornered HPS Echkmuhl - D - 298
Oct 2005   ------------   --------------   ---------   ------------
Nov 2005   Garret Fitzgerald    Archduke Charles (Captured )   88VP    Campaign Eckmuhl -  D-308

Dec 2005


 Phillip Chimara


 Archduke John (c)




Wag/ 5h Paive -  D - 0315

Jan 2006   Thomas Huberth   Maréchal Augereau (C)   48   Dual Battle of Jena/Auerstädt - D-245


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