Napoleonic Series

Bilder und Artikel / Pictures and articles


Alles über Napoleon und seine Zeit.

All about Napoleon and his time.


Napoleonic Series

Alles ueber Napoleon und seine Zeit.

All about Napoleon and his time.



Alles über Napoleon.

All about Napoleon.


Napoleon im Krieg

Napoleon at war

Alles ueber Napoleons Kriege.

All about the wars of Napoleon.


Napoleonische Geschichte

Napoleonic history

Alles ueber Napoleons Kriege.

All about the wars of Napoleon.


Napoleon Bonaparte

Kaiser der Franzosen / Emperor of france


Napoleonische Gesellschaft

Napoleonic Society

Alles ueber Napoleon / All about Napoleon


Das Koenigreich Westfalen.

he kingdom of Westphalia.


Historische Landkarten 1796 - 1815.

Historic maps 1796 - 1815.


Medaillen / Medals

Medaillen unter Napoleon.

Medallic history of napoleonic france.


Flaggen historischer Reiche 1796 - 1815.

Flags of historic empires 1796 - 1815.



Napoleonische Kriege.

Napoleonic wars.


Napoleonic wars

Napoleonische Kriege.

Napoleonic wars.



Napoleonic Association


Europa / Europe

Flaggen der napoleonischen Kriege.

Flags of the napoleonic wars.


Wie der Name schon sagt...

It´s within the name...


Uniformen & Bilder / Uniforms and pictures


Miniaturen aus der Zeit Napoleons.

Miniatures of the napoleonic era.



Miniaturen aus der Zeit Napoleons.

Miniatures of the napoleonic era.


Miniaturen aus allen Epochen.

Miniatures of all centuries.



Einige interessante franz. Seiten.

Some interesting french sites.


Flaggen / Flags

Historische Flaggen / Historic flags



Bilder und historische Stiche / Historic pictures



Der Russlandfeldzug / The russian campaign



Voelkerschlacht bei Leipzig / The battle of Leipzig




Napoleons Schlachten / Napoleons battles



Britische Schlachten - mehrere Epochen.

British battles - different ages.


Preussen / Prussia

Die Geschichte Preussens

The history of prussia


Preussen / Prussia

Alles zum Thema "Preussen" / All about prussia


Preussen / Prussia

Chronik eines deutschen Staates.

Chronicle of a german state.


Preussische Kommandeure

Prussian commanders

Mehrere Epochen / More periods


Preussische Militaergeschichte

 Prussian military-history

Grosser Generalstab / Great general-staff


Preussen / Prussia

Virtuelles Museum / Virtual museum


Pictures & facts of the german history



Luise von Preussen

Louise of Prussia

Bilder der Koenigin von Preussen.

Pictures of the queen of prussia.



Koenigin Luise v. Preussen.

Queen Louise of Prussia.


Orden der deutschen Staaten

Orders of the german states

Deutschland vor 1918 / Pre - 1918 - Germany


Ordensgalerie / Gallery of orders

Deutschland vor 1918 / Pre - 1918 - Germany


Deutsche Orden / German orders

vor 1918 / pre - 1918


Orden / Orders

Russland / Russia




International - Mehrere Epochen.

International - more historic periods.


Soldaten aller Epochen.

Soldiers of all centuries.


Militaerische Kunstdrucke

Military print-art

International - Alle Epochen.

International - all ages.



Offizielle Webseite.

Official website.


Guides 1815



Eine BBC Schlachtsimulation.

A BBC battle-simulation.




Einheiten der napoleonischen Kriege.

Troops of the napoleonic wars.


Friedrich II. von Preussen

Fredrick II. of Prussia

Diese Seite behandelt nicht das napoleonische Zeitalter, aber sie ist es wert, hier aufgefuehrt zu sein.

This site shows nothing about the napoleonic period, but it´s worth to be showed here.


Katalanische Strategie-Seite.

Catalan Wargamers site.



Strategy Zone Online Wargaming and Download Community.



Classic Napoleonic literature in electronic format.


German Uniforms of the 1800 and 1900's:


The Hawks Online Gaming Community

Hawks - Historical Online Gaming Community: The Hawks are a unique group of Cossacks and American Conquest computer strategy game players, who are are dedicated to re-creating and fighting on-line historical battles. We have researched and created a vast collection of historical battles from many different periods. All our battle maps are free to download from our site and can be found in the various game sections. These games are fought in real time, meaning that the men all move independently; advancing, firing, yelling, even falling as casualties, as if it were a real battle. The visual presentation is astounding and our battles play like epic movies.



Lords of Conquest:

A site that hosts and moderates multiplayer strategic wargames, which are open to everyone to join and play at no cost. In our games, each player is the leader of an empire, taking on the roles of warlord, diplomat, and economist. As ruler, you will need to expand your dominion using whatever means are necessary, and make the decisions on how to deal with your neighbors: will you attempt to deal with them diplomatically, or overpower them with raw military force?


If you desire to be part of our wargaming community here at what we affectionately call "The Blitz", you are welcome to try your skills against others with similar interests. We offer a community environment in which we are not perceived as "odd-balls" because of our interest in wargames and history. We all have that same interest, some of us less so, some of us fanatically so. However, it is not us that are the "odd-balls", it's them.... We tell you, it's them!!!...


Sea Lords is a Talonsoft Age of Sails II  and Pirates Bounty Watrgaming Club.




 DBN Napoleonic Wargaming

DBN are tactically challenging Napoleonic Wargame Rules produced by KISR Publications, designed for fighting Grand Tactical Battles at Army/Corps Level. In fact these rules are so adaptable they can be used for fighting battles at any level. is a worldwide meeting point for all militaria collectors. You will gather all infos for these collectables here, either you are a beginner or an expert. You may find very interesting links that help you collecting militaria. If you think that something is missing, please let us know at
We don't have any political interests, nor we do we have any political opinions on this subject.




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