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HistWar: Les Grognards Battlefront
Napoleon in Russia Talonsoft
Waterloo Talonsoft
Prelude to Waterloo Talonsoft
Matrix Napoleonic Battleground Series Matrix Games
Wagram HPS
Eckmuhl HPS
Napoleon's Russian Campaign (NRC) HPS
Waterloo HPS
Jena - Auerstaedt HPS
War of 1812 HPS
Campaign 1776 HPS
French & Indian War HPS
Renaissance HPS
Crown of Glory: Emperor's Edition Matrix Games
Crown of Glory (Original) Matrix Games
Commander: Napoleon at War Matrix Games
Napoleon in Italy Matrix Games
Empire in Arms Matrix Games
AGEOD's Napoleon's Campaigns AGEOD
AGEOD's Birth of America AGEOD
AGEOD's Birth of America II: Wars in America AGEOD
Horse & Musket: Volume 1 Matrix Games
Campaigns on the Danube Matrix Games
Age of Sail Talonsoft
Age of Sail II Talonsoft

NIR Project (Battleground Expansion) Addons
NIA Addons
Cobexlaw Addon

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