Imperial Army of Austria

Austrian Artillery During the Napoleonic Wars.

The Austrian artillerymen, recruited mostly from the German provinces, has always stood high; not so much by early and judicious adoption of improvements, as by the practical efficiency of the men. They were volunteers and not recruits as it was the case in majority of European armies. (-Napoleon, His Army and Enemies)

In the battle of Arcis-sur-Aube in 1814 Napoleon was knocked off his horse by a bursting Austrian shell and disappeared in the smoke. Then he got up - unhurt. (-Napoleon, His Army and Enemies)

The individual battery commanders, described by Archduke Charles as 'often old and frail, and having been slowly advanced up the ladder' still tended to regard the individual piece as a discreet fire element, while generals often lacked the feeling for the proper use of artillery. As a result the archduke's instructions that artillery should always act as part of a combined arms team as often were neglected." (Rothenberg - "Napoleon's Great Adversary")

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