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Encyclopedia Napoleonic:

The Internatonal Napoleonic Wargaming Club (iNWC) is proud to announce the Encyclopedia Napoleonic. A unique collection of Napoleonic related materials.

From images of museum displays sent by members, to re-enactment websites, to even emails sent to use relating to Napoleonic events, websites, book reviews or popular Napoleonic culture, this page will serve as a place to gather all those neat tid bits of the Napoleonic World, both the and now!!



Napoleonic Websites:

Sharpe's Pointe - dedicated to those who love the Sharpe series by Bernard Cornwell and the TV series.




Museum and Re-enactment Websites & Displays:

200th Penninsular (Spanish) Anniversary Celebrations:

Main Page

Traflagar Re-enactment Images (Submitted by Ricardo Bonchia)


** New** German Celebrations:

200th Anniversary of the Kingdom of Westphalia and Jerome Bonaparte Exhibit (Submitted by Wolfgang St. Johanser)


** New** Maréchaux de France Exhibition (Marshal's of France):

An Exhibit of Letters and Images about different Marshals (Submitted by Wolfgang St. Johanser)


** New** Napoleon's Tomb :

Images of Napoleon's Tomb (Submitted by Wolfgang St. Johanser)




Napoleonic Book Publishers:

The History Press - publisher of some Napoleonic books and and other great history books.



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