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Club Wide Training Facility

Here at the Club Wide Training Facility it is our goal to try to teach you the skills and game concepts needed to play each of the games. From basic PBEM exchange to game engine concepts, we help prepare you for Battle.

Another thing we do is give new recruits a contact in the Club and someone to help them with Club life.

It is not mandatory for new recruits to go through the facility, but is strongly recommended for new comers to these games.

Master of Cadets:

Faculty of War:

Learning Materials:

This section is designed to point out some overall game tips, strategy and concepts. The are meant to either teach game basics and particulars like modifiers or overall strategy. They are not scenario specific writings. See Officer Writings for scenario specific writings as well as after action reports.

Tips and Hints Page

Currently have Battleground (Matrix and Talonsoft) as well as Crown of Glory Materials & Links.

School of Battleground:

This section is meant to be for Talonsoft and Matrix Battleground Series writings, tips and hints. There is a well established guide by Mieszko Cielsa on the various combined arms of combat, modifiers, ranged fire and also a guide on taking chateaux's.








Ranged Fire

How to take Chateaux's Part I

How to take Chateaux's Part II

Officer Writings:

This section is meant to be for scenario specific writings as well as after action report to help members out in specific scenarios.

HPS Waterloo - Quatre Bras - by Patrick McCarthy

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