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Rheinbund Confédération du Rhin


The Rhine confederation (1806-1813) gathered until 38 german states in 1808. Each state must provide troops to the "Grande Armée". 

One of this contingents was the royal saxon army. The king of saxony, Fredrick August I, was a loyal ally of Napoleon and one of the last german sovereigns who stood at Napoleons side till his own Regiments deserted to the prusso-russian forces. This site shows the saxon army-rooster of 1813.

Last update: 11-08-2004

Das Koenigreich Sachsen

The kingdom of Saxony




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Bavaria Baden



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Franzoesische Armee:

Scott Ludwig

Oesterreichische  Armee:

Gavin Woods

Preussische Armee:

Thomas "TOM" Lachenmaier

Russische Armee:

Konstantin Koryakov

Anglo-Alliierte Armee:

Steve Kitchen